The Revolutionary Infrared Heating System


Far Infrared is radiated heat, it’s the same as the feeling of warmth on your face from the sun and the heat from a coal fire. It’s even the same form of heat that is emitted from our own body. Infra-red panels are quickly becoming the preferred method of heating because they heat your home rather than the air within it at up to 60% cheaper than conventional heating methods.

Other benefits include -

Easy installation - no pipes, no fuss

No air swirling which helps with Asthma, Arthritus, Chest complaints, Muscle pain, Bad joints, Mould. condensation

No maintenance due to no moving parts

Comfortable heat due to replication of the suns rays

Infrared heating panels are designed to last 30-50 years or 100,000 hours. The Crystal range carries a 5 year manufacturers gaurantee.

We are proud to recommend the Crystal Glass edgeless panels in Black, White and a mirrored finish. Every panel is made from toughened safety Glass and finished to precision with Nano-silver technology.

Unlike painted metal panels currently on the market, our Crystal range oozes quality and style the second you see them. Whether for your home or your workspace - the Crystal range is the only range to have.